Areas of Responsibility


You can view the maps below, showing the areas of responsibility Marlow Town Council have taken over.

If you spot any anomalies or missing areas, please let us know using our feedback form.











New Court












Pergola Park


Areas of responsibility - Maps:

Liston Court

Herons Place / Spring Gardens

Seymour Court Road

Rookery Gardens

The Chase A 

The Chase B

Terrington Hill and Conniston Close A

Terrington Hill and Conniston Close B


The Croft

Riverpark Drive

Riverwoods Open Space

Pergola Field

May Balfour Gardens

Ridgeway Close

Oak Tree Avenue

Gossmore Recreation Ground

Wycombe Road & Wiltshere Road North

Henley Road East

Spinfield Lane

Glade Road & Herons Place

Pound Lane East

Gossmore Lane & Parkway South

Henley Road West & Chalkpit Lane

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