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The Town Council produces a quarterly magazine, The Marlovian, which is distributed to each household in Marlow, features local clubs and organisations, community news, local advertising, editorial, and much more. Copies of the latest Marlovian edition are available at the Library, The Area Office,  Institute Road and at the Town Council office. 

If you have an article that you would like featured in this publication,

please email Jan Bailey: or call Town Council office on 01628 484024.

Publication dates for 2020 are:

SPRING: 9th March 2020 (copy date: 14th February 2020)

SUMMER: 8th June 2020 (copy date: 15th May 2020)

AUTUMN:  7th September 2020 (copy date: 14th August 2020)

WINTER:   7th December 2020 (copy date: 13th November 2020)


To advertise in the Marlovian, please contact Round & About Publications Ltd

Telephone: 01491 837621 or email:

To download the Advertising Rate Card, click here

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The Marlovian

Summer 2020

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The Marlovian

Summer 2019

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The Marlovian

Autumn 2019

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The Marlovian

Winter 2019

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The Marlovian

Spring 2020

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The Marlovian

Autumn 2018                      

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The Marlovian

Winter 2018

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The Marlovian

Spring 2019

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Summer 2020 Marlovian

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Marlovian Spring 2020

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Marlovian Winter 2019

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Marlovian Autumn 2019

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Summer Marlovian

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The Marlovian Spring 2019

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Marlovian Winter 2018

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Autumn Marlovian 2018

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Grants Policy

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