Town Mayor 2019-20

Cllr Richard Scott

Acceptance Speech - Tuesday 14th May 2019

"Thank you very much Chris (outgoing Town Mayor).  Just before I say a few words, on behalf of the whole of the Town Council, members and officers and also on behalf of all our residents, I would like to thank Cllr Chris Funnell for being our Mayor for the last twelve months.  It has been a very busy year and I know that Chris, who works full time, has put a huge amount of time into this increasing work load. He has successfully balanced these two roles and his presence at many, many events in the town and beyond, has been well received.

My fellow Councillors and I look forward to working with him in the new role of Deputy Leader during this coming year.

It is 12 years since I was previously Town Mayor and it is a great privildge and honour to be your Mayor again for the next 12 months. You can be assured, as I have just said in my declaration, that I will fulfil the duties of the role faithfully and fairly.

Marlow is a great town and your team of Councillors and I will work during the next year to ensure that we keep it that way for residents, businsses and visitors alike.

We have already heard from Chris, that we have introduced the Mayor/Leader model to help us to do that. It is an important change and the first in the structure of this Council since local government re-organisation in 1974.

We feel that this development will be beneficial to the town and allow us to develop our vision and a number of new key projects. The Leader, Cllr Jocelyn Towns, who will be confirmed in this role shortly, will drive this programme, whilst I concentrate on the Civic duties, which has also increased exponentially since 1974 - I already have 6 engagements between now and the Civic Service, which takes place on 9th June.

And of course we have a strong team of Councillors to assist both works streams.

I beleive the community in Marlow still goes from strength to strength and that is evidenced by you and the number of organisations you represent. I am delighted that so many of you have given up your evening to join us and support your Council.

I also chair the Marlow Community Association and at each meeting, I hear about another local organisation or group that is supporting our community. This town is very community minded and I will continue to support those groups whever possible.

So from the team and I, a big thank you to those who contribute to our vibrant community.

Sadly, as we know, there are still issues in certian areas that need our help and as you have heard from Chris, one of those is mental health issues with some of our younger residents.  This really was brought home to us recently following the deaths of two young people in the town.

Having talked to Chris about the work he has done in this area, it is quite clear that this is a long term project.  I have therefore adopted this cause to be my Mayor's Charity for this next year to support the work that has been started.  We need to get practical help where it is required and I shall be liaising with the appropriate parties to ensure this is done. So, please support this very worthy cause throughout the coming year.

Finally, we are priviledged to live here and to enjoy the benefits of the town and community.

Please help the Councillors and I in sustaining that excellent community spirit.  Thank you"

Cllr Richard Scott - Town Mayor


















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