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Working with our younger residents...


Marlow Town Council wants to help its younger residents  grow into an informed and engaged electorate. The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy.  If we give children a reason to engage they are more likely to become active citizens  throughout their lives.  We want to find out what concerns them, which issues matter the most and how changes can be made. 


Children have wonderful and imaginative ideas about our community and the Town Council is very keen to capture these thoughts and will ensure that these views are reflected in the Vision for our town.   There has been some fantastic feedback already with children asking for a  Marlow “bake off”, communal vegetable garden,  town wide sports day, basketball court, “thought” tree, dog race, talent show, theatre in the park.   Showing a real concept of community life some children  made comments regarding the need for more car parking, information for people with special needs, larger library and longer shopping hours.

I think our favourite was for all the children to swap with the adults for a day!

All the school election outcomes together with images and feedback will be posted here throughout the summer.  The first elections will be held in July with more to follow in September and October.

If you’re interested in holding a mock election or want more information, email Katherine or Contact the Office.


Danesfield School - EU Referendum - Wednesday 14th July 2016

The first ''mock election'' was held at Danesfield School, letting children have their vote on a real life issue - The EU Referendum! In the weeks before the vote, pupils spent time in class debating if they should vote Remain or Brexit (Leave), as their parents would have done at the dinner table not so long ago. Thanks to help from Wycombe District Council and a bit of imagination, the main hall was set up with polling stations and ballot boxes that would have been used somewhere in the District during the real vote.

The children took turns to give their address in return for a ballot paper, with which to make their vote. Once all pupils had voted the ballot boxes were sealed and the votes counted... And the result?


A landslide victory for the REMAIN side!  


Thank you to the staff and teachers at Danesfield School, the elections team at Wycombe District Council and of course our voters! They even had time to take some pictures with the Mayor...




Spinfield School - The Cake Debate - Thursday 15th July 2016

Following a visit from The Mayor on 19th May, both the council and Spinfield School were extremely excited about the ''Cake Debate'' elections that were held this week. With our candidates ( Blueberry Muffin, Flapjack, Mini Roll and Cornflake Bite) exhausted from campaigning, the day finally came for the students of Spinfield School to cast their votes. Once again the school hall was set up with polling stations and ballot boxes kindly loaned by the District Council, along with some wonderful bunting and some teasing samples of the delicious cake-candidates. 

As had happened the day before, students were given their ballot papers and eagerly cast their votes before placing them into the ballot box. The votes were counted by year 5 students in secret, who learned about spoiled ballots and why there is sometimes a re-count. And the result....

Thank you to the staff and teachers at Spinfield School, the elections team at Wycombe District Council and of course our voters! The students were all given a Blueberry Muffin the following week... Yum!


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