Marlow Town Council WDC Local Plan Statement


'In preparing the New Local Plan Wycombe District Council is required to review all Green Belt land as to its suitability in fulfilling the purposes of the Green Belt. WDC along with Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils agreed a joint review conducted by consultants (ARUPS) to a common agreed standard. The ARUPS review did not propose changes to any of the Green belt land around Marlow as its surrounding land was strong in fulfilling the Green Belt requirements. Although there is an increasing need for additional housing in Wycombe District, Marlow Town Council do not believe that there are the 'exceptional circumstances' necessary to reassign any of the Green Belt land adjacent to Marlow, apart from a very small area adjacent to Seymour Court Road which it feels would have little impact on the Green Belt.'

Mayor, Cllr Bob Johnson


Planning and Housing


We aim to balance the need of residential and commercial development whilst conserving Marlow as an attractive and historic town.

As part of this aim, we have worked closely with WDC to review and investigate the regeneration of empty and run-down sections of the Town, such as the Thames Industrial Estate. We are pleased to report that a Bid Co has been put together and ideas are under way. The  Portlands Alley site has had a planning application refused, and the developers have re-worked the plans to follow the Town Plan more.  The new plans should be submitted soon.

We encourage a “cafe culture” to contribute to the vibrancy of the town, and we’re working with the Marlow Society to rid the town of unnecessary “street furniture”.


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