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Response to Consultation on Wycombe District Council Draft Local Plan

The Wycombe District Council New Local Plan Draft consultation for Marlow includes a proposal to develop land to the North of Oak Tree Road (MR7), which is within the Green Belt and also the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The ARUPS (Consultants to Wycombe District Council) review did not propose any changes to the Green belt land around Marlow. It therefore comes as some surprise to us that this area of land is now included within the Local Plan.

Marlow Town Council fully supports the ARUPS recommendation that all Green Belt Land around Marlow is strong in fulfilling the green belt requirements. This particular area of land is also a clearly visible area of land within the AONB and any development would therefore have a discernable and unacceptable impact.

Another consideration is that one of the purposes of the Green Belt is to protect against the merging of neighbouring communities, in this case, Marlow, Seymour Plain and and Marlow Bottom. Clearly this M7 proposal is in contradiction of that policy and policy GB2 of the WDC Local Plan.

Furthermore the consequential impact of any such development on the Marlow infrastructure would also be unacceptable, given the already high demands on areas such as healthcare, education and parking.

Although there is an increasing need for additional housing in Wycombe District, Marlow Town Council does not believe that there are the 'exceptional circumstances' necessary to reassign any of the Green Belt land adjacent to Marlow. The only possible exception is a very small area adjacent to Seymour Court Road, which the Council feels would have little impact on the Green Belt or AONB.

We would further recommend that Wycombe District Council examine possible development of any ‘brownfield’ sites within the Town. Additionally, some small scale residential is currently taking place around the railway station and we believe that this could be extended to other sites at the western end of the Thames Industrial Estate, although we are mindful that these are currently used as employment sites.

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