AQMA signs are up

Hilary Martin

Turn off your engine when stationary – the message from
@wycombedc to motorists to help reduce pollution locally. The council has worked with @tfbalerts
on installing air quality signs in key locations around town.
Look out for the full street banner in Spittal Street.


WDC have  declared Marlow an Air Quality Management Area 

The new AQMAs were initially proposed after a modelling exercise with air quality monitoring data showed areas which were likely to exceed the national air quality objectives for nitrogen dioxide. Minor amendments were made to the proposed areas as a result of feedback from a six-week public consultation in autumn 2017 and were officially adopted at the end of December 2017.

The Marlow AQMA includes:

High Street (between Station Road/ Pound Lane roundabout and West Street/ Spittal Street roundabout); West Street (between High Street/ Spittal Street roundabout and Westwood Road); Spittal Street; Chapel Street; Little Marlow Road (between Chapel Street and Foxes Piece School); and strips of land to both sides of all of those roads.

More information can be found here

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