Marlow Flood Allevation Scheme

Dianne Bennett-Rice

April 2016 update


The Marlow Flood Alleviation Scheme will reduce flood risk to 287 properties in Marlow from a combination of fluvial and groundwater flooding.

The Environment Agency has implemented the planning permission for the scheme. This took place in accordance with the planning conditions which required us to start highway work at Gossmore Lane next to the railway line. We completed this work in August 2015.

We are currently undertaking two approaches with the scheme. Whilst we continue delivering the existing scheme we will review the standard of protection and requirements for compensatory storage provided by the scheme.


Work on the existing scheme includes:

     - Undertaking ecological surveys at Pound Lane and Lower Pound Lane - these will continue into the    autumn of 2016.

     - Finalising the existing design - for example detailing the groundwater pumping system.

     - Discussing with landowners requirements of constructing the scheme.


The review of the scheme will include:

Our flood modelling on the lower part of the Thames is being updated as part of the work to develop other schemes. Whilst we continue to develop the scheme, we will be using this latest modelling to check the standard of protection and details for compensatory storage provided by the scheme.


The review should be complete by September 2016. Under both approaches we envisage construction of the scheme to begin in spring 2017 subject to all legal and land requirements being finalised. 

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