Marlow Mayor slams BCC parking consultation “County Council is not being honest”

Jan Bailey

The data used in the Bucks County Council (BCC) consultation on paid-for parking is totally flawed, according to Marlow Town Mayor, Jocelyn Towns, as she leads a strong backlash against proposals to force paid-for parking in Marlow town centre.

“We pointed out to them last year that their data is meaningless and inaccurate, but they are pushing ahead nonetheless. It’s irresponsible and misleading,” she says. “I believe BCC is only interested in raising money by introducing paid-for parking on Marlow High Street and surrounding roads. This has to stop - now.” 

Marlow Town Council commissioned an independent survey of the BCC report on parking in late 2017 which concluded that: “…there was both inadequate and insufficient data available to support the claim that: ‘the proposed extension and conversion of the limited waiting bays to paid parking will improve the provision and turnover of short stay parking in the town centre.’”

She warns those completing the online questionnaire: “Be very careful when you go to the online consultation as you would be forgiven for thinking it is only about the provision of yellow lines on corners. These are ‘health and safety’ issues so will be done automatically; they don’t need to be part of the consultation. The County Council is not being open and honest with us, and they are trying to hide their actual intention – which is to install parking meters without the support of the town.”

The Mayor also disputes comments on BCC’s website. “BCC claims that: ‘Improving road safety, reducing congestion and improving turnover of parking through better managed on-street parking, are the primary objectives of these proposals.’ So how would paid-for parking make any difference? There is no data to prove this statement, and it should be withdrawn.”

Marlow residents and visitors to the town can SAY WHY they don’t want on-street parking charges in the town at

The Consultation on paid-for parking on the High Street and surrounding roads is planned to take place from 9th February – 10th March.

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