New Fruit Trees for Seymour Park

Debbie Abbott

A team of volunteers got together this week to plant six new fruit trees in Seymour Park. The planting day was organised by local community group Transition Town Marlow (TTM) under the banner of Releaf Marlow, the new tree-planting project run in cooperation with Marlow Town Council.

The new trees expand a community orchard there, first started four years ago by TTM. The planting also makes up for losses caused by a recent incursion onto the site by travellers.

TTM planned and paid for all the trees and equipment necessary for the planting, using reserves built up via the Marlow Market, which is run monthly by volunteers on the Causeway, near Marlow Bridge.

Liz Lorente of TTM, who organised the planting day, said: “Many thanks to the fifteen volunteers who braved the weather to plant these important fruit trees. It is always so lovely to see local people working together and making new friendships, while providing a much-needed local resource. The existing orchard has made a real difference to Seymour Park, changing it from a bland rectangle of grass into a warm, community space where dog walkers, football players (new goalposts provided by Transition Town Marlow) and small children can play and meet together.”

Nick Rowcliffe, who coordinates Releaf Marlow said: "Six trees might not seem like a lot, but every one is a step forward, and the Seymour Park planting day has also helped us learn what works so that we can greatly increase the rate of planting in future.” Releaf Marlow aims at substantially increasing the number of trees throughout Marlow for the benefit of people, nature and the planet.

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