No increase to Marlow Town Council's share of council tax

Jan Bailey

Marlow Town Council (MTC) has not increased its precept request this year and has set a reduced budget.

“We have agreed not to increase our proportion of the council tax this year,” Jocelyn Town, Mayor of Marlow, said. “While our income is reduced, with careful planning we have been able to absorb the reduction within our budget.”

In real terms, MTC is getting a reduction in income. While the number of Band D properties in Marlow has increased, resulting in a tax base increase, the CTSS Grant (Local Council Tax Support Scheme) has been reduced by 13.5% resulting in a reduction in income, leaving a shortfall compared with last year.

This shortfall in income has been accommodated in the 2018-19 budget calculations. Marlow’s precept for 2018-19 will be £342,019.83.

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