Remembrance Sunday in Marlow

Jan Bailey

Remembrance Sunday in Marlow

An estimated four thousand people gathered around the War Memorial on The Causeway in Marlow on Sunday, 10th November for the Ceremony of Remembrance.

The Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, took the Salute in the High Street and was accompanied by his wife, Lady Sarah. 

Mr Benoit Burguad attended on behalf of Marly-le-Roi, Marlow’s twin town. The Marlow Town Band played as well as the choir from All Saints' Church, who took part for the first time this year, led by Rhidian Jones, Assistant Director of Music.

Rev. Dave Bull led the prayers and Town Clerk Hilary Martin read Taking a Stand, a poem by John Bailey.

Mayor Richard Scott, Mayoress Linda Scott and Deputy Mayor Bob Johnson were also in attendance. They departed for Marly-le-Roi on Sunday afternoon to attend the French town’s Remembrance Service held on Monday 11th November. In pouring rain, the Mayor laid a wreath on behalf of all Marlow residents and read a short speech. In the evening, the party was invited to the private offices of Jean-Jacques Brot, the "Préfet of the District of Yvelines” the representative of the French Government for that District located near the Palace of Versailles - a very rare honour.

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