Water Refill Station for Marlow

Jan Bailey

Marlow has a new water refill station in Higginson Park, thanks to a member of Marlow Town Council (MTC) and Wycombe District Council (WDC).

Suzanne Brown has used her ward budget as a Wycombe District Councillor to pay for a water refill station on the edge of Court Garden House, while WDC has paid for the connection.

Phil Irving, a Marlow-based environmental professional on the environment working group who championed the scheme, said:  "I am really excited that we have another refill point for the people of Marlow. It's becoming easier and easier to carry a water bottle and refill it. And that means fewer bottles bought, drunk and thrown away. Well done Suzanne Brown for making this happen."

Residents and visitors to Marlow are also able to refill bottles free of charge at cafes, bars, restaurants and other businesses displaying Refill window stickers to show they have signed up to a free Refill app.

Picture shows Cllr. Suzanne Brown and Jane Hack from the environment working group at the new water refill station.

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