Your guide to the Marlow Flood Alleviation Scheme

Jan Bailey

The Environment Agency is commencing with works in the Marlow area to alleviate current issues with potential flooding.

The Marlow Flood Alleviation Scheme will reduce flood risk to 287 properties in Marlow from a combination of fluvial and groundwater flooding.  The scheme consists of work in the Gossmore Lane, Pound Lane and Lower Pound Lane areas of Marlow and is being delivered by the Environment Agency and its partners Buckinghamshire County Council, Wycombe District Council and Marlow Town Council. The work will be finished in December 2017.

Flood risk to 115 properties in the Pound Lane area will be reduced through the construction of brick-clad reinforced concrete flood defence walls, low level ground raising, a flood compensation storage area and groundwater pump wells.

Flood risk to 172 properties in the Gossmore Lane area will be reduced through the construction of earth flood bunds, sheet pile walls, ground raising, road raising and groundwater pump wells.  These works will tie into the brick-clad reinforced concrete flood defence walls constructed recently between Pergola Field and Gossmore Recreation Ground. Upper Gossmore Park (by the Changing Rooms) may be closed for early 2018 as the grass are will be reseeded and will need to be left to grow.

Works in Lower Pound Lane will provide compensatory flood storage to offset the reduction in floodplain caused by the works being constructed in the Gossmore Lane and Pound Lane areas.  The lowered land will also provide ecological mitigation by creating lowland meadow and a pond.  Prior to creating the storage area archaeological investigations are being carried out to record and map the prehistoric settlements known to exist within the site. Lower Pound Lane will be unavailable for parking for the duration of the works (May to Dec 2017).

There will be two dates that the public can join in with the archaeological digs, dates to be advised by the Environment Agency.

There is an agreed traffic management route with BCC Highways department for heavy lorries which is basically a circular route so that they go into the site one way and out another in order to minimise traffic congestion. 

Click here for more information from the Environment Agency on this activity.

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